7 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2021


1. Facebook is Stronger than Ever for Seniors.

The good news is that Facebook is still currently the #1 social media platform in the United States, with an impressive 41% of its users being over the age of 65. So for marketing that targets a senior demographic, there simply isn’t a better platform.

2. Chatbot Use will Increase.

Chatbots are a specialized form of software that acts as a virtual “concierge,” communicating with users and assisting them in completing their goals. Chatbots interact with humans in a natural way, primarily through the use of text chat windows, but verbal interactions are also possible.

3. Video is a Must.

A total of 73% of all Americans engage with YouTube. That means more than half of all Americans are watching videos just on one platform.

Look to video as an opportunity to share information with customers. What products or services do you provide to solve everyday problems? What makes your business stand out from the competition? Make sure your content is relevant and provides a benefit to viewers.

4. Live Video is a Separate–Yet Important–Thing.

One of the fastest rising stars in digital marketing is the use of live video. Part of this is due to the massive spike in streaming services, thanks to popular channels such as Twitch.

Live video offers an unedited “real” look into your business that customers appreciate. You can show off your authenticity on a variety of channels, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat– so you can choose the platform that’s best for you.

5. Good Content Still Matters.

Content marketing continues to be an essential component of digital marketing, although there’s an increasing emphasis on nuance in content.

So what makes good content? It’s not just about making posts everyday; the information you share should be informational, educational, and above all, relevant to the needs of your target audience.

Take time to focus on what makes your business unique, valued, and necessary. While sharing memes or participating in viral challenges can be a great way to build buzz, you need to share core information about your business in order to garner hot leads.

6. Email Marketing is Getting More Personalized.

Email continues to be a major channel of communication, with billions still using it for personal, commercial, industrial, legal, scientific, and academic purposes.

In the digital marketing space, email now has the strong capability to serve your customers with information that’s relevant to them. This is done through the use of email automations or artificial intelligence (AI) software.

With automations, relevant emails can be sent to your customers interact with other emails or your website. This way, you only have to write an email once– and your marketing platform takes care of the rest.

7. Voice Interaction is Going Up.

Thanks to Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and more, verbal interaction with devices is continuing to rise. It’s more important than ever to make sure your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is on-point. This way, search engines like Google can better understand what your business is all about, making appropriate suggestions to Siri and helping users easily find your business.

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