United LLC's experience and leadership allows us to develop a strong team environment where the cooperation and communication among all team members is superior. The result is delivering quality service and financing options for your business.

Bridge Loans

Bridge the Gap to the Next Step

United LLC offers highly customizable bridge loans to meet your business needs. When you’re waiting for long-term funding and need to access capital, a bridge loan can help you secure funds quickly. Our bridge loans benefit clients in need of temporary funding and are designed to be repaid quickly so you can focus on your long-term finances.

You may benefit from a bridge loan if:

  • You have a construction project with tight deadlines and slow or unexpected funding issues.
  • Your business is in between two major private equity finances.
  • Your business needs working capital while securing an investor or acquirer.
  • Your business needs working funds before an acquisition or initial public offering.


Creating Better Learning Environments

United LLC finances and builds packages for a full range of educational environments. Our team of experts will work with your organization to determine the full scope of your project including your goals and desires, budget, and current industry trends. We understand that the look and quality of your project determines an effective learning environment.

Education for all academic and campus services include:

  • Classrooms
  • Libraries
  • Dormitories
  • Dining Facilities
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Student Activity Facilities

Equipment Financing

Fund Essential Tools for Your Business

Every business needs equipment. While many companies consider equipment financing for big ticket items like heavy machinery or commercial vehicles, small businesses can benefit from equipment financing for office essentials such as furniture, appliances, software, and more.

United LLC can create an equipment financing structure for your business. It’s important that you receive the best-possible benefits from your equipment. Our experienced team will walk you through every step of your investment, including:

  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Purchasing new or used equipment
  • Buying from multiple vendors
  • IRS 179 equipment tax deductions
  • Installation costs

Hard Money

Lending Backed by Real Estate

United LLC’s hard money lending team is well-versed and experienced in the commercial real estate investment market. Hard money benefits investors planning to build commercial property or rehab and renovation projects. We are ready to help put together a custom-tailored hard money lending solution for your next project.

United LLC offers multiple services under the hard money lending umbrella such as:

Hotel Botox ®

Complete Hotel Makeover Financing Solutions

HOTEL BOTOX® is a complete hotel makeover solution leveraging the highest levels of innovation, quality and integrity in the industry. It is best utilized when hotels rebrand, modernize, or must recover following a disaster.

Our team has valuable experience in providing a full-range of credit facilities to service your hotel makeover. With our unique, financed Design/Build model, United LLC provides excellent value to our clients by delivering property upgrades on-time and on-budget.

Our HOTEL BOTOX® solution includes:

  • Turn-Key Design/Build Services
  • Market and Competitive Analysis
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Continued Planning and Support

Invoice Factoring

Stop Chasing Your Money

When your business secures revenue through the use of invoices, it can be hard to have cash on-hand when you need it. United LLC offers Invoice Factoring to help you gain quicker access to your funds.

Invoice Factoring is beneficial to business owners who want to focus on what they do best—running their business. This form of financing allows you to receive your money fast without worrying about making payments—they’re automatically deducted when your client pays their invoice.

Merchant Cash Advance

Build Your Business with Confidence

A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) allows a business owner who accepts credit card payments or has other regular payments and receivables to obtain an advance of the funds regularly flowing through the business’ merchant account.

United LLC will ensure you never run out of funding to expand your business. Not only will we stay connected with you through the process, but also ensure your credit stays healthy. Our ACH schedule will help you stay on track with adjustable payment plans. We invest in your ideas and overall business value. An MCA can help you expand your business quickly in a way that makes sense for everyone.

Supply Chain Financing

Solutions for Supplier & Buyer Balance

Supply Chain Financing, or Reverse Factoring, benefits businesses with working capital stuck in their supply chain. Companies often utilize multiple suppliers to manufacture products. They also have customers worldwide making purchases. When your cash is trapped between your customers and suppliers, it can be difficult to properly organize and fund your corporation or business.

With Supply Chain Financing, your suppliers are able to request a cash advance on their deliverables. This ensures they have the capital they need to optimize production of your products. This financing option can minimize disruptions in production and give you peace of mind—and the funds to effectively run your operations.

Surety Bond Consulting

Give Your Customers Security

Surety Bonds provide your clients with 100% security that the work will be completed. Surety bonds are a preferred option for small businesses who otherwise may not qualify for alternative sureties.

United LLC will advise you on the best way to proceed with any license, permit, contractor, or court bond. Contractual or commercial bonds are no small undertaking. When you have the right consultant to recommend the most beneficial options for your business, you have more time to focus on getting the job done right.

Venture Capital

Investing in Your Success

Since our inception, United LLC has been investing in early, high-growth startups, helping secure a bright future for valuable companies. Getting a business off the ground is tough. You can see the surface issues of countless start-ups on TV. But United LLC’s experienced team understands the in-depth challenges and processes involved in building a strong business with a wealth of opportunity. We are here to be your advocate and mentor, providing the no-nonsense advice many entrepreneurs need to learn and grow.

Our investments typically range from $25,000 to $5 million USD. We can also syndicate with venture capitalists and institutions to guarantee your needs are met and exceeded. We often look to invest in companies that are in a growth phase and or maturity phase of the business life cycle.